Lutheran Elementary School Band


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10:00 Noah Andrews Immanuel La Crosse
10:15 Danny Meitner First Lutheran La Crosse
10:30 Nathan Cukla First Lutheran La Crosse
10:45 Michael Johnson First Lutheran La Crosse
11:00 Jacee Erickson First Lutheran La Crosse
11:15 Alexis Schmitz First Lutheran La Crosse
11:30 Eli Holub First Lutheran La Crosse
11:45 Grace Berg First Lutheran La Crosse
12:15 Jacob Bailey St. John's Nodine
12:30 Ben Weiser St. John's Nodine
1:00 Caleb Lampert St. John's Caledonia
1:15 Hannah Lampert St. John's Caledonia


9:45 Trenten Berg St. Paul's Onalaska
10:00 Levi Larson St. Paul's Onalaska
10:15 Nathan Lenz St. Paul's Onalaska
10:30 Sam Schmeling St. Paul's Onalaska
10:45 Andrew Ames St. Paul's Onalaska
11:00 Jonah Degner St. Paul's Onalaska
11:15 MacKenzie Olson St. Paul's Onalaska
11:30 Caitlyn Woessner St. Paul's Onalaska
12:00 Sam Schams St. Paul's Onalaska
12:15 Kayla Schultz St. Paul's Onalaska
12:30 Julia Larson St. Paul's Onalaska
12:45 Thor Cueto St. Paul's Onalaska
1:00 Landon Bryant St. Paul's Onalaska
1:15 Jack Schmeling St. Paul's Onalaska
1:30 Jonah Bain St. Paul's Onalaska
1:45 Nic Schultz St. Paul's Onalaska
2:00 Sam Lipps St. Paul's Onalaska


10:00 Aria Jordan Christ St. John's West Salem
10:15 Gavin Jordan Christ St. John's West Salem
10:30 Avery Jordan Christ St. John's West Salem
10:45 Ayden Livingston Christ St. John's West Salem
11:00 Addison Wille Christ St. John's West Salem
11:15 Emmalyn Schauf Christ St. John's West Salem
11:30 Carson Dummer Christ St. John's West Salem
11:45 Ben Werner Christ St. John's West Salem
12:00 Clara Baudek Christ St. John's West Salem
12:30 Cailyn Falkenberg Homeschool
12:45 Levi Falkenberg Homeschool


10:00 Marin Gasper St. Paul's Bangor
10:15 Caleb Kraus St. Paul's Bangor
10:30 Owen Falk St. John's Sparta
10:45 Sebastian Rodriguez St. John's Sparta
11:00 Max Lorenz St. Paul Tomah


Once each week a Luther High School instrumental instructor visits each elementary school to give students private music lessons. The lesson program consists of teaching the students the basics of their instruments and reading music.

Large group rehearsals are held at Luther High School on Friday afternoons starting at 3:00 p.m. The students are split into two groups, the beginners in the Sabre Band and the more experienced players in the Lancer Band. There is also an optional Jazz Band for select students in the spring. Fall rehearsals begin in September for a concert at the November Science and Fine Arts Fair. Spring rehearsals begin in February for the Spring Concert, the Spring Spotlight and the La Crosse Memorial Day Parade. At these rehearsals students learn more about playing their instruments, meet new people and have other opportunities not available to them as a solo player.

Students also participate in the Lutheran Elementary School Science and Fine Arts Fair with solos and small ensembles. 7th and 8th grade students may enter the Wisconsin School Music Association Festivals as well.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Mr. Witte, Elementary School Band Director at (608) 783-5435, ext. 445 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..